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Honoring a Bride's late Father
Modern Femininity
Vintage lace comb
Handwired Crystal Quartz Crown.
A unique bridal accessory
Comb made from mother's veil
A handmade bridal comb
Comb made from mother's veil
Bridesmaids combs
1940's hairpiece
Handwired crystal quartz comb
Our cryatal quartz comb
Make a statement
Why not have two?
Handwired crystal quartz comb
Crystal quartz comb
This is for the boho-Modern Bride.
Custom comb for a very special Bride
Alaskan Bride
Hand-wired crystal quartz comb
Handwired GLASS crown
Glass crown made for the bold Bride
Art deco comb
Art deco comb
Vintage headpiece
Vintage headpiece
Vintage headpiece
Boho crown
Starry hairpiece
Starry hairpiece
A Bridal comb
Raw crystal quartz comb
Handmade hairpins
Crystal quartz hairpins
A vintage hairpin
Crystal quartz hairpin
Floral crown handmade from clothing
Floral crown
Boho Floral Crown
Upcycled crown, turned home decor
Floral crown
Custom floral comb
Floral comb worn a unique way
Boho floral crown
Romantic crown
Manhattan Bride Magazine
Bohemian crown
Romantic headband
Floral headband
Alaskan Bride

SO MUCH HISTORY in one small comb!!! • Tiny flowers from a Bride’s Mother’s floral crown (that is 40 years old), 2 roses made from her late Grandfather’s blue MTA shirt, a rhinestone from her Grandmother’s bracelet, and a lace appliqué from her mother’s dress that is 40 years old. • In addition to the ORIGINAL comb used at her own mother’s wedding! • We brought a modern twist to it by using rose gold wire.